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that sandusky victimized. >> in a report, the former fbi director blasts the culture that protected the reputation of the school over the well-being of young children. it criticizes many staff. it says several children might not have become victims. the report revealed clear evidence the group plans to go to authorities after mike mcqueary saw sandusky sharing with the young boy in 2001, but changed course after paternal was consulted, motor abided -- motivated by the desire to avoid bad publicity. >> the most powerful people at penn state university made a decision to conceal this information. >> reaction has been swift and strong.
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>> pin state needs to recognize that this report is a road map for the civil litigation, for their future investigation of the attorney general, and the department of justice as well as the n.c.a.a.. >> and a statement, paternal's family admitted they could have done more. his legacy is now left for history to judge. >> the report includes 100 suggestions for the board of trustees to take to make sure this never happens again. >> you can inspect the full report for yourself and brzowski passages from that and state review on our website, now an update to a story we first reported four years ago. the city of baltimore is getting hundreds of millions of dollars from wells fargo bank to settle claims that the company had been engaging in discriminatory lending practices.
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kai reed is live outside city hall. we hear this is the second- largest beer lending settlement in the department's history. >> that is correct. the lawsuit first filed by the city of baltimore back in 2008 alleged that wells fargo steered minority home buyers into subprime loans simply because of the color of their skin. a settlement agreement has been made that includes a payout of $175 million in several metropolitan areas. 34,000 victims were identified and the lawsuits nationwide. the 1000 from the baltimore area will receive a total of $2.50 million in restitution. wells fargo will also provide four 0.5 borrows million to this city for lending assistance program -- $4.5 million to the city for lending assistance
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programs. the celebrated the victory this afternoon at city hall. >> today, it is not about the past. puts aside our legal challenges allows us to move forward palaver tillery on growing the city. >> it all started in of -- to move forward collaborative .inly >> when you filed this lawsuit to call attention to the devastating consequences of the fair lending crisis, you got the attention of the federal government and you got the attention of the nation. >> wells fargo did not admit liability in the case and issued a statement late this afternoon about the agreement. wells fargo is settling the matter because we believe it is in the best interest of our team members, cuss words, committee, and investors to avoid a long
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and costly fight and we will devote resources to continue into the country's housing recovery. officials say there are still details to be worked out, but they hope to complete the restitution process for individual victims within the coming year. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one day after his approved raise and contract extension ignited vigorous debate and protests, city fire chief james clackum is making a pledge to the firefighters union. he is proposing devoting his entire paycheck. the contract extension provides an 18% pay hike over the life of the agreement, about 3.5% a year. it has been called a kick in the stomach by members of the far officers association. >> if the firefighters don't get
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a raise next year, i will donate my whole raised to the fire foundation, which is a non- profit that goes to benefit firefighters that are injured or killed in the line of duty. >> firefighters contend the city's proposal would increase their work week to 56 hours in exchange for 20% pay hike is actually a decrease in their hourly rate. we'll have more on that and report at 6:00. a massive internal at a playground and sell baltimore, billowing smoke and flames could be seen for miles. david collins has the follow-up. >> it is not the destruction you first notice, it is this mail. the odor of burnt plastic is strong and unmistakable. -- is the smell. >> a plastic playgrounds that has been set on fire. the inferno resembled a
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hollywood disaster film, and no wonder. just about everything in this playground in the cherry hill section of south baltimore is either made out of plastic or rubber. the program -- a playground alex like a moonscape. >> there was monkey bars, a tunnel, and a fenced in area for little children, a playhouse, a little slide. >> charity allen runs a day camp here. as many as 15 children attend. the have now lost a wholesome option to keep them busy. the campus relies exclusively on donations. the kids are taught leadership skills, how government works, and good citizenship practices. the fire made a big and upsetting impression on the children. >> i looked up in the sky and all i saw was black smoke coming from over here.
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>> it made me feel sad. >> work on the street is that teenagers playing with a lighter or matches set papers on fire and the blaze got out of hand. >> are there any electrical components, any evidence of flammable liquids used. >> the children who use the playground or making a wish. they are banking on public generosity to help rebuild it. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> for the second time this week, a community is morning loss of a local teenager killed and a late night crash in howard county. 17-year-old shaquan curtis was
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killed. this section of columbia road was shut down for more than three hours as police conducted their investigation. police in cecil county catch a north carolina of my -- man trying to struggle thousands of packets of heroin. it began as a routine traffic stop. the heroine you are looking at has a street value of more than $100,000. police pulled over boyd of around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. they found the drugs, hundreds of pieces of drug paraphernalia, and more than $70,000 of suspected drug money stepped in shoeboxes. he was headed back to north carolina from new jersey. >> satellite imagery shows the cloud cover that has been moving through our area through the afternoon. that high level cloudiness not producing precipitation but walking out enough of the sun to
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keep our temperatures in check a little bit. cloudier to the south of baltimore with some rain moving up into parts of the southern appalachians. under the clouds, the temperatures are kind of cool, down around roanoke virginia. 85 at bwi marshall. 89 degrees at downtown baltimore. 70's along the coast and in the mountains. hotter, more humid and maybe some thunderstorms to talk about as we get closer to the weekend. the forecast and a couple of minutes. >> of columbia nonprofit is under investigation tonight. provides low-income families with housing assistance. lowell melser joins us from howard county police headquarters of more details on the story. >> there has been a lot of mystery surrounding this case. we have been able to confirm that howard county police officers are looking into one
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person at the nonprofit columbia housing corporation but that will not release exactly what the investigation involves. if you did not know where to look, you would probably miss it. tucked away in a corner lot in this industrial park in colombia is the headquarters of the columbia housing corporation. according to its web site, it is the premier nonprofit agency in howard county, providing safe, high-quality affordable rental housing to low and moderate income families, individuals, senior citizens, those who are physically and mentally challenged. >> we can confirm that we did receive an allegation a possible improper activity, and we are investigating that. we have not arrested or charged anyone, but we are still looking into the possibility that there might been something inappropriate. >> howard county police are not saying much or exactly what
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investigators took into evidence. >> we served a search warrant on the premises together images and information that might be relevant to the case. they are still going through that information. >> a lock the door on us and people arriving at the door would not comment. attorney did confirm that one employee at the main office is under investigation, but would not say for what. we were told "chc provided the information and documentation requested by the police department will continue to provide any other information the department feels it needs to conduct its central -- its investigation of the employee." the attorney also tells us the employee in question and been placed on the administrative leave. as far as when the investigation
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completed, it remains unknown. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there are many people were is less thanlhappy that two weeks until ravens' training camp 2012. wait until you see this surveillance video out of prince george's county. police need your help and id
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what some alarming surveillance video from prince george's county has bullies on the hunt for two roberts. you can see two men jump over the counter of an exxon gas station in laurell. they demanded money, and then one of the suspects will strike the clerk in the head with a gun. he opens the register, they get cash, eventually job back over the the counter and flee. believe it or not, we are just 12 days away from the start of ravens' training camp. ray lewis is in london right
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now. he made a trip across the pond, as they say, to spend some time with youth football program in london. the football team is headed for big game this weekend. the warrior saw out his help to help them train, and he graciously accepted. >> the road meal long letter saying how helpful it would be if i would come and speak with them -- they wrote me a long letter. they shared with me that they did not have the money and all that. to have me come here with me telling my team i am going to london, i want to go call to the war years. i want to sit down and talk to those young men. >> ray lewis is known for spreading his football gospel and inspiring young athletes across the baltimore region.
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>> i think we are having microphone problems. the number of oxycodone accusers switched to 12% in the number of people using heroin doubled. all this good news that boxing, and is less appealing to addicts, heroin is a drug -- good news that oxycontin. the new version is harder to crush and swallow. >> many women decide to have their tubes tied when they no longer want to have children, but now there is a permanent biocontrol that is less invasive. doctors say it isn't safe procedure -- say it is a safe procedure. it only takes about 10 minutes.
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patients can go in and have the procedure and go back to work in about 10 minutes. >> there are fewer complications because everything is just done through the cervix. >> is very safe and effective for women who are 100% sure that they are done with having children. it may become the new standard for sterilization. researchers may have found a new clue to prevent the development of alzheimer's disease. researchers and iceland have found a genetic mutation. is not clear if it is exclusive to the icelandic population. an estimated 5 million americans suffer from the disease, which has no cure. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer.
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>> a little bit of cloud cover mixed with the sun today, holding the temperature mostly in the 80's. pretty normal for this time of year across the mid-atlantic region. the clouds thicken up as you head south and west from here through the mountains. the impact on the temperatures is fairly dramatic, from 85 at bwi marshall to 77 degrees down in virginia. you see the yellow and green indicating the koehler pocket of air. normally wallet is 91 degrees up in burlington at this hour, it is only 72 degrees in asheville and 82 in atlanta. the he has pretty much gone to the north or west, where more sunshine is showing up this afternoon.
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we will see some cloudy this overnight but we are not anticipating rain. 65 in the suburbs, 72 in downtown baltimore for the overnight low. sunset this evening at 8:34. we are stuck in a weather pattern that is not changing very dramatically. the map looked almost like this yesterday. the front is still stalled out to the south. in between we just pick up the high clouds coming off those storms to the south of us. as we get into saturday, a little more this humid air sneaks up into the mid atlantic, trooper -- triggering a couple afternoon storms. on saturday, some scattered storms pop up, and the same thing on sunday. that will carry us into the first part of next week. 85-90, son up at 5:51, setting
5:21 pm
at 8:33. waves around 1 foot and the bay water temperatures holding steady around 83 degrees. in the mountains, partly cloudy skies and maybe a shower. we saw that rain coming up in to self western virginia and the moisture will be sneaking up into the mountains first -- southwestern virginia. the eastern shore, a nice day tomorrow at 88 degrees. beach weather holds nice friday and saturday and then you pick up a couple of stray thunderstorms on sunday. representative current risk still in the low category -- rip current risk still in the low category. the best chance for rain over the weekend would be sunday
5:22 pm
afternoon. scattered thunderstorms popping up on monday and tuesday with highs around 92. upper 80's on thursday. >> bain capital is back at the forefront as the presidential candidates spar over their new ads. >> they argue to engineers from baltimore city and baltimore county and they are here on the campus of morgan state university to get some hands-on university to get some hands-on experience
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>> baltimore city and baltimore county middle and high school students have an eye on engineering. >> they are spending their summer on a college campus, sharpening their skills with some hands-on experiments. tim tooten has the story. >> the summer science project started out in this morgan state university engineering classroom.
5:26 pm
students are preparing a payload for middle they launch in the middle of campus. >> we put a carry in it and it will be taking -- we put a camera end it. it will take video and record what is happening. >> the goal is to launch three payloads designed by students with temperature sensors and digital cameras. >> just the experience of being able to build something. that actually get to see what they build and they can see the experiment. >> i am very excited see what it can do and how it works. >> from the lab to the launch pad, students walk across campus to help connect their payload to
5:27 pm
the test balloon. >> we are going to need a ranch to tighten it. if we go high enough, we may get into windshear. >> if all goes as planned, and the launch is successful, the students are pleased. >> a lot of the stuff we did earlier in the week was to help us prepare for the launch. i think we are going to get a good result. >> the experiment is not over. students will now begin to analyze the data. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> michael phelps may have a new rival. >> after his teammates took a jab at his work ethic, he is firing back. we will have the details, coming up. >> a veteran baltimore police detective
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>> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 with stan stovall, donna hamilton, and tom tasselmyer. >> a veteran baltimore police detective is off the force tonight. it was required -- she was required to resign after admitting she used her daughter's position at a grocery store to steal. >> jayne miller joins us live in
5:30 pm
the newsroom with details. >> the admission by darlene early comes on the heels of two other veteran city police officers being charged with crimes and the rate of two weeks ago by internal affairs of the instigators -- internal affairs investigators. she was accused in march of getting four hundred dollars worth of groceries at the store where her daughter work for about $100. a security guard at the store watched her daughter prenup her mother's groceries at deeply reduced prices. her daughter was given pbj. early is eligible for pension. within past weeks, sergeant dennis workley was charged with
5:31 pm
lying about a search fowarrant. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories at this hour. city investigators continue to piece together the calls of this huge playground fire in self baltimore. while authorities say it is unclear what caused the flames, some residents say teenagers playing with a glider had somehow gotten out of hand. -- plane with a collideplaying . wells fargo bank will pay the city millions of dollars stemming from allegations that it engaged in subprime lending markets that targeted minority neighborhoods in baltimore. the company will provide $4.5
5:32 pm
million as part of a lending assistance program. it will also lend $425 million for home buying in baltimore. one day after his raisin contract extension ignited vigorous debate in protest, city fire chief james clack is offering to donate his entire race if there is no pay hike. >> and commitment 2012, mitt romney is defending his business background. the obama campaign seized on some new reports about how much time romney spent as the head of bain capital. >> bain is back, and the finger-
5:33 pm
pointing is only getting worse, as both sides accuse the other of lying. >> when the president does not tell the truth, how can we trust him to leave? >> mitt romney says ad accuses the president of miss loading -- of misleading voters. the obama campaign disputed the new romney at. >> misleading, unfair, and untrue. there is no evidence that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. >> of boston globe report alleges romney read the -- ran the company until to -- up until 2002. >> it is a real character and trust issue. >> the romney campaign says the article is not accurate. bain issued a statement saying mitt romney left in 1999 to run
5:34 pm
the special olympics. >> it muddies the water and confuses voters and they are left trying to sort through times and dates. it makes it a little harder to talk about the issues. >> the obama campaign is renewing calls for romney to release more of his tax records. ann romney campuses they are repeating the same old charges and are simply stuck in their own groundhog day. >> coming up, a huge summer avalanche in western europe. >> it swept at least nine people to their deaths. >> motorist in baltimore county may want to consider slowing down. we are learning about for new locations for speed cameras. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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>> breaking news right now, something is happening at bwi thurgood marshall airport.
5:38 pm
captain roy taylor is live over the scene. >> the door is open on this one jet, the southwest jet. it took off out of north folk and was diverted here because they collided tended became ill. our personnel are here and they -- because a flight attendant became ill. they detected some type of nerve agent. it could have been pepper spray or hair spray, they just don't know. for some reason, a flight attendant became ill, they diverted here. we are still trying to get more information, but there is a fairly large contingent of fire personnel and we are still trying to figure out exactly what transpired inside this airplane. i am captain roy taylor. >> drivers in baltimore county,
5:39 pm
there are for new places where speed cameras have been installed. officials say they are not active yet. here's a look at where they are. you will receive a warning for the first 30 days, but after that, a citation will be issued for each infraction. if you would like to see a list of all the active cameras, but to our website, >> covering the nation tonight, new but conflicting evidence released today in the trayvon martin murder case. some sanford florida police officers thought george zimmerman said nose was broken, while others did not. the officers did all agree that the -- that he had cuts on the back of his head. also released today, documents of an account of martin's
5:40 pm
activities with his cousins the day before the shooting and pictures of the crime scene. >> a devastating avalanches in france took at least nine lives and injured others. two climbers are still unaccounted for. a preliminary investigation reveals a climber trying to scale the mountain may have accidentally caused a slab of ice to snap off. everyone killed was european. one american was injured. french officials are investigating. at least six people were hurt during the famous running of the bulls in spain. three people suffered head injuries. none are reported to be serious. thousands of daredevil's sprinted along the cobblestone streets of the city.
5:41 pm
>> i used to want to do that, but not anymore. michael phelps is reacting to some comments made by a teammate questioning his work ethic. he said all he is focused on is swimming as fast as the can for his country. this after a teammate told a california newspaper that he works harder than michael phelps and sees him as someone ready to be beaten because of his lack of preparation. he says he regrets causing a distraction and says there are no hard feelings between the two swimmers. >> a warning to not from government officials about something meant to keep your child safe. baby monitorsut davi can lead to death. >> according to our the glove expert, we are dealing with the summer of the picture above or earwig -- pincher bug.
5:42 pm
>> right now and baltimore, 85 degrees at bwi marshall,#f#f#f#f
5:43 pm
x today after city officials approve a new five-year contract and a pay raise for chief clack , what he has to say about the race he has been granted. what police discovered after conducting a search warrant. ñ'
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5:45 pm
>> we want to update you on that breaking news at b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport. captain roy taylor, what is happening now? >> i checked with the bwi tower and they tell when the aircraft was originally coming here, there was no diversion. mde is on the scene, along with crews from anne arundel county fire crews as well as the airport fire crews. there are 38 medic units on the scene. one flight attendant was reported as ill. we are trying to get more information on exactly what is going on here.
5:46 pm
we'll update you as soon as we get more information. >> have you seen a lot of your earwigs or japanese beetles this year? jennifer franciotti has more. >> they are creaky can and crawly -- creepy and crawley. >> we are seeing soldier beetles, earwigs, and the return of the japanese beetle. >> he says the mild winter and lack of snow cover could be to blame. all they do kill some of the pests in the garden, they are likely to eat your marigolds. but he says the japanese beetles are just plain bad. >> this is one of the most
5:47 pm
destructive insects in the landscape. >> that is why these japanese beetle, but bags are in such demand. and some are also big problem. >> they are attracted to moisture -- ants are also big problem. they tended to come in more when it is dry like this spring. >> there are some products you could buy to help. chances are you'll not needed. >> it seems like some of our natural enemies, these are the good bugs that each bad bugs. they may be catching up with the stink bugs. some think the extreme hot weather may be detrimental to stink bugs. it will take a few more years of research to really get the
5:48 pm
answer to this question. now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> here is a rarity lately, not 90 degrees yet officially at bwi marshall. 88, right at normal for this time of year. the record high is below 100. there were only three days in july were the record is below 100, and this is one of them. 97 degrees was the hottest july 12, back in 1908. no precipitation today and most of the showers remain far from the baltimore area. over toward, roanoke and down in
5:49 pm
southwest virginia, some wet weather. we are in between all that with just some high, thin clouds, 89 downtown, ocean city and i 78. a cool 73 at around oakland in garrett county. high clouds covering the region so it will not cooled dramatically overnight. we are still in the same basic pattern we have seen for several days. high pressure passing north of us. we are just sitting underneath a little bit of cloud cover. over the weekend, some of the warm air in the gulf feeds up along the appalachian mountain passes northeast into the baltimore area.
5:50 pm
tomorrow, like today, a mixed bag of clouds and son. scattered thunderstorms start to pop up saturday afternoon and we will see a few of those on sunday and monday. high temperatures 85-9. it should be a nice day out on the bay. if you are going to western maryland for the weekend, there will be some thunderstorms around. highs in the mid-7's. eastern shore, lesser chances for rain. getting close to 90 going into the weekend. ocean city, a good beach weather friday and saturday and may be a 20% chance of a thunderstorm on sunday. load 90's sunday, monday, and tuesday.
5:51 pm
>> a warning from the consumer products safety commission on the dangers of strangulation by baby monitor course. in conjunction with the juvenile products manufacturers association, there were three desk and three near strangle as project regulations by the monitor cords. jpma is giving away free electric cord warning labels that parents should attacked to they -- should attach to the baby monitors. we have an important recall to tell you about tonight. the government is recalling more than 485,000 high chairs due to dangerous design flaw. there are two dozen reports of children getting injured after
5:52 pm
falling against the legs of the chairs that are meant to store the trade. we have posted that and more recall information on the home page of our website, yahoo! is looking into claims that nearly a half of million information have been compromised. one group is claiming responsibility. ellerbe company officials would not disclose how it may have happened, but say they are investigating. users are recommended to change their passwords. what about a profile 4911?
5:53 pm
washington, d.c. will be the latest to start a new program. it is meant to help emergency officials in their response. it includes allergies, and even the number of pets you have in your home. teenagers looking for green this summer have a chance to earn some by going green. we were on hand this morning to take a look at the conversation -- conservation job core group. it is a summer employment program for at risk use. they were getting paid for things like repairing trails, maintaining plant gardens and other basic landscaping and construction jobs. the program was launched in 2008 by governor martin o'malley. >> city fire chief james clack is taking to the airwaves to set
5:54 pm
the record straight and is offering to donate his raised to the firefighters foundation if union members did not get a pay hike next year. >> if you like accordions, baltimore is the place to be this weekend. that story is coming up. ñ' ♪ jimmy bond
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i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works x. it was back and 829 when a new instrument was patented,
5:57 pm
call the accordion. >> it has had its ups and downs in popularity over the years. for those who love them, there is nothing like an accordion. rob roblin has the details. >> if you are walking downtown and hear a distinct sound coming from the sheraton, come on in. baltimore city is known for many things, but this weekend is a special weekend. baltimore is going to be known for of koreans. it is the 74th annual american accordion festival. there'll be plenty of music. >> we have workshops, we have competition, we have banquets. the whole thing culminates and
5:58 pm
we call it a festival. >> what is it about the accordion? it is not an easy instrument to play. >> a lot of the young folks have not even seen an accordion. if they have seen them, and might just be like in a cartoon or something. >> all kinds of music will be coming out of these instruments, from polka to jazz. >> all you hear is accordion. >> there is a long tradition. >> she not only plays, she and her husband make accordions, and they are all handmade. >> there are 5000 pieces in the accordion. we have the box building and then the mechanism and keyboard. it takes three months altogether to do it.
5:59 pm
>> there is nothing like the accordion. >> it is a fine instrument. a smile comes to your face. >> there really is nothing like an accordion. >> here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> strong allegations against the leaders at penn state university concerning how they dealt with the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. >> a non-profit under investigation here in howard county. >> i am tim tooten at morgan state university, where a group of future engineers are getting some hands-on experience for a special experiment. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-

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